From 5th July 2021 to 28th August 2021, the Summer School of the International Lieven Piano Foundation will take place in Vienna.

The venue is the guest house in the heart of the city on Johannesgasse 8 (OEJAB-Haus).

Fifteen selected scholarship holders take part in numerous masterclasses of renowned piano teachers for eight weeks. The accommodation and courses are free of charge for the participants.

Antonio Vivaldi Hall in the OEJAB House, Johannesgasse 8, 1010 Vienna

As scholarship holders are currently invited:

Zheyu (Crystal) Jiang (China) – Supervisor

Nour Ayadi (Morocco)

Ádám Balogh (Hungary)

Didel Bish (Netherlands)

Antonio Chen Guang (China)

Leonhard Dering (Germany, Russia)

Nabeel Hayek (Israel)

Dina Ivanova (Russia)

Mirabelle Kajenjeri (France)

Volha Karmyzava (Belarus)

Rune Leicht Lund (Denmark)

Polina Markaryan (Russia)

Federico Pulina (Italy)

Robbin Reza (Japan/Australia)

José Navarro Silberstein (Bolivia)

Julian Trevelyan (UK)

Axel Trolese (Italy)

Vsevolod Zavidov (Russia)

Kirill Zvegintsov (Ukraine)

The following master classes have been announced so far:

5. – 7. July 2021: Lilya Zilberstein

8. – 10. July 2021: Jura Margulis

13. – 16. July 2021: Paul Roberts

19. – 23. July 2021: Davide Cabassi

26. – 30. July 2021: Alon Goldstein

2. – 6. August 2021: Tatiana Zelikman

9. – 13. August 2021: Konstantin Lifschitz

15. August 2021: Lecture by Alfred Brendel: “A Pianist’s A-Z”

Due to scheduling difficulties, Ferenc Rados’ and Rita Wagner’s courses will not take place.

16. – 20. August 2021: Ferenc Rados and Rita Wagner

16. – 20. August 2021: Ferenc Rados und Rita Wagner


17. – 19. August 2021: András Kemenes

23. – 27. August 2021: Andreas Staier